Enterprise Services

In order to reach the very pinnacle of the corporate world, a business organization must avail lightning-quick broadband services that act as a catalyst and skyrockets the efficiency of the concerned firm. With the help of Signum, you can now fulfill this requirement to perfection.

FiberX Broadband allows corporate agencies to harness the optimum power of the internet. Our company excels at offering a plethora of services ranging from Voice over Internet Protocol to Virtual Private Network [VPN] establishment facilities. We are specialists at offering Enterprise Services which has helped numerous firms to tackle and address practical real-life operational issues.

Our expert team will guide you throughout with our customer support services. The primary objective of FiberX is to offer immediate solutions at affordable rates such that both start-ups and prominent businesses can avail our high-quality services.

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We offer the following Enterprise services....

Dedicated Bandwidth

Incorporating a Dedicated Bandwidth system can speed up your business operations exponentially. At FiberX you can avail blazing internet speed starting from 10 Megabyte per second to 1 Gigabyte per second. Dedicated Bandwidth will not only allow you to download files faster but will also make the process of uploading documents easier [without compromising on the speed aspect]. Therefore, transferring data can now become more convenient by collaborating with FiberX.

Let our professionals deal with your IT requirements so that you can focus more on your business operations. Following are the benefits of FiberX Dedicated Bandwidth:

Multiple Last-Mile options and undersea route.

Regional BW data source and Border Exterior Gateway Protocol.

24*7 dedicated assistance.

QoS assurance with a solution-centric model.

Use of the best tools and infrastructure at NOC and IDC level.

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Network Security

The issues related to online hacking can adversely affect the operations of a company. FiberX ensures to install a defensive line within your dedicated network in the form of Firewalls which prevents unauthorized and maintains complete safety. We specialize in offering PnP desktop firewalls for start-ups and smaller corporations. FiberX also expertise in offering Carrier Ethernet efficient firewall safety services for larger corporations.

Why choose our Network Security services?

Our Firewall Network Security features offer unrivaled protection from unauthorized individuals. Likewise, your business will be able to function as a tightly integrated unit without having to worry about the issues related to safety and security.

Our Firewall Network Security system can manage more than 500,000 connections and offers speeds up to 100 Mbps. Thus, satisfying the safety needs of established business corporations.

Network Safety services can be availed at modest rates so that they can be afforded by the general public.

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With the assistance of our IP VPN connectivity you can now gather information and communicate with your team members effectively within a safer environment from remote locations. The installation of the FiberX IP VPN module simplifies the flow of information as all the data can be availed within a secure network. The features of FiberX IP VPN connectivity have been highlighted below:

Scalability feature of the bandwidth as per the traffic generated.

The option of managing a router and firewall as per the company's needs.

Complete access to organization emailing systems.

Allows employees to work from remote locations coupled with WAN connection.

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